Lab Members

Charles "Chuck" V. Sindelar


Assistant Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Department at Yale University


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Kimberley Gibson

Post-Graduate Associate, Sindelar Lab


My research focus involves resolving the structure of the Leptospira flagella using Cryo Electron Tomography. Our lab is collaborating with Elsio Wunder and Albert Ko (Yale School of Public Health) to better understand the relationship between the motility and pathogenicity of this highly unique Spirochete bacterium.


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PhD Student, Sindelar Lab


My research focuses on using Cryo EM with 2D single particle class averaging to understand how the AAA-ATPase, Spastin, binds to microtubules which results in their severing.

Garrett Debs

Xueqi Liu

Post-Doc, Sindelar Lab

Programmer, code wrangler.

Michael Cha

PhD Student, Sindelar Lab

Microtubule-Kinesin Project.

Daifei Liu

PhD Student, Sindelar Lab and Joan Steitz Lab

Microtubule-Kinesin Project.

Actin-Myosin Project.

Megan Brady

PhD Student, Sindelar Lab

Leptospira Project, in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Albert Ko.

Andrew Huehn

PhD Student, Sindelar Lab

Kirill Grushin

Post-Doc, James Rothman and Sindelar Lab

Synaptotagmin Project.