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Koelle and Sindelar Lab Happy Hour 2018

 Each year, the Sindelar lab hosts a combined Happy Hour with the Koelle lab in the Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry department (MB&B). This year, we chose a new location in the Boyer building (BCMM room 206/8) that was spacious and nice. Our Happy Hour poster for this year forwent the typical Thanksgiving theme and celebrated microscopy (and Science fiction!?!), including the arrival of a new 200 kV Glacios TEM (totally not pictured here) at Yale's CCMI. Actually, the TEM shown here is from Ohio State University, but has glorious backlighting, which is about as colorful as things get in electron microscopy. 

Annual MB&B Departmental Retreat at Jiminy Peaks Mountain Resort, Hancock, MA

17 September 2016

Each year, the Department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Yale holds a retreat at some far flung remote place. This year, in September, we spent two days immersed in science and socializing at the Jiminy Peaks Mountain Resort. Here we presented our latest research findings to our peers, gave poster presentations and seminars. More often than not, the best things that happen at the retreat are not always scientific.

Notable Mentions:

Saturday afternoon hike up a ski slope to the top of the mountain, followed by a ride down a ski gondola.

Saturday evening Dance Party, DJ'd by Enrique De La Cruz.


Kimberley Gibson (Sindelar Lab)  won the Poster Prize for the top two Post Doc posters (again!).

Joan Steitz and Karla Neugebauer headed an open discussion on Stereotype Threat, which follows up on the topic of Diversity, Bias, and creating an open enviroment and safe space for everyone.

The Photobooth: people could choose from and don an eclectic array of accoutrements and have their pictures taken and printed. Let's all look ridiculous together!

Sindelar Lab Photo

Spring 2016

The last blizzard before winters' end, we took to the street and captured the traces of snow sitting on a nearby tree. It's the last chance to see.

It had all melted by the afternoon's fair light.

All that was left was but a glimpse,

a memory.

Sindelar/Koelle Beer Hour


We're ringing in the end of winter in style!

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